Brand Pharmaceutical Companies

If you prefer long-term strategic relationships at the highest level, you’re in the right place.

Our brand pharmaceutical clients love the fact that when they were onboarded, someone from our executive team led the process. Understanding your company’s unique characteristics and culture starts at the top here. We get to really know you. It helps us apply the best mix of our broad pharmaceutical support services to your business. You will find that we have extensive experience working with state and federal regulators in addition to dealing with the complexities of commercial and government contracting dynamics. We know how to accommodate the diverse needs and expectations of brand manufacturers.

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Product Lifecycle Management

Your partner through the entire pre-launch and post-launch processes to ensure the successful launch and management of your product or product line.

Pharmaceutical Licensing Support Services

Support and management for the process of securing entity appropriate federal, state and territorial level licenses driven by specific client objectives.

Market Access, Contracting and Pricing Strategy Support

Your virtual analytics department to support market access initiatives, sales administration, contracting, product planning and liability forecasting activities.

Government Pricing, Rebate Processing and Contract Management

Full-service support for all activities required for all federal and state pharmaceutical programs.

Commercial Contract Management, Rebate and Discount Reconciliation

We take on the responsibility for building your library of commercial contract terms and then reconcile invoices for rebates and discounts as they are submitted by commercial customers.

State and Federal Price Reporting and Financial Disclosures

Support related to the recent emergence of more strict price reporting regulations at all levels of government.

Chargeback Processing

Services and support necessary for timely and accurate processing for brand clients with pharmaceutical chargebacks.