Why worry yourself over compliance risks or routine and repetitive tasks in evolving and complex industries and markets?

Part of our responsibility in doing a job well is to help you protect your brand equity.

Pre-Launch Services

Company/Product Pre-Launch Support for Brand Manufacturers
As a new, emerging pharmaceutical or biosciences company you may require the support of an experienced partner to help you develop a detailed launch plan and undertake the kind of disciplined project management process that will make that plan come to life on a timely basis. If you are a more mature company but are exploring the feasibility of launching of a new product line or product, we are available to support you with the same level of disciplined planning, project management and analytics.

  • Launch Planning
  • Project Management
  • Market Position Analytics
  • Partner/Resource Assessment & Coordination
  • Compendia & Government New Product Reporting & Submissions

Market Access Support

Market Access Administration for Brand Manufacturers
We offer pricing and contracting support, sales reporting, market analysis, supply chain management and development and management. We can configure the specific service offerings to meet your unique set of needs and growth strategy, working in partnership with your internal sales and finance teams. We are fully capable of replacing or augmenting the internal resources normally required to support these functions based upon your unique requirements.

  • Pricing and Contracting Support
  • Scenario Forecasting and Rebate
    Liability Impact Analysis
  • Sales Reporting
    Market Analysis
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procedure Development and Management

Government Pricing

Government Contracts, Price Computations, Rebate Reconciliation & Payment Services for Brand Manufacturers
Prescription Analytics Government Pricing is a turnkey service. We remove monotony from your plate, eliminate your time investment to understand changing rules and regulations, and return valuable time back to your staff. Additionally, we provide services related to contract management, analytics, compliance and rebate reconciliation, as well as making the actual payments on behalf of clients.

As you may already be aware, the many nuances related to government pricing requirements and rebate reconciliation can be highly complicated and require a high degree of process discipline and supporting technology to ensure that you are not paying more than is absolutely required.

  • Complete all government required pricing computations and submissions to appropriate federal and state regulatory authorities
  • Healthcare Reform updates, as well as any other regulatory changes relevant to pharmaceutical government contracting
  • Reconcile and pay all federal and state rebate invoices
  • Dispute resolution
  • Securely archive all historic datasets
  • Medicaid Drug Rebate Program
  • Public Health Service/340B Program
  • VA Federal Supply Schedule
  • Tricare Program
  • Medicare Part D Coverage Gap Discount Program
  • ACA Branded Product Tax

Rebate Validation

Customer and Product Specific Rebate Validation and Processing Services for Brand Manufacturers
To support a disciplined commercial contract management process, we can build and maintain a comprehensive database of all key contract terms and provisions, and then coordinate the exchange of data and careful reconciliation typically involved in these types of agreements. To help your operational and strategic decision-making processes, we have a host of tools and models to ensure you fully understand the impact of your commercial relationships relative to growth and profitability goals.

  • Develop and maintain policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs) at program and contract level as required
  • Create, accept and store contract master profile data
  • Manage connectivity and data exchange through program web portals or receipt of data media as required
  • Process invoices for contracted rebates and discounts
  • Create client rebate reconciliation and payment report for approval/payment
  • Provide client analytics and customized reporting using all stored data characteristics