Product Lifecycle Management

Launching a generic pharmaceutical company or product line demands a disciplined launch-planning process.

lifecycleIf you are launching a new generic pharmaceutical company and product or product line in the United States, the task can be daunting. Competition is so fierce for generic companies that it is not unusual to see innovator products come off patent with prices in the hundreds of dollars and quickly descend below ten dollars for their generic versions. In this environment, you need a disciplined and expedient launch-planning process.

Prescription Analytics can help you manage the vital financial details of contracting processes required to gain access to patients through commercial and government contracting. Processes are diverse and multi-dimensional. We help you get comfortable with the complicated.

There’s a lot to think about: speed to market, U.S. supply chains and distribution channels, expanding a product catalog while maintaining profitability, reaching the widest possible audience and more. We help you stay on top of it all.

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Services for Generic Manufacturers

While you prepare for launch, we provide support.

Throughout the product lifecycle, we actively provide education, planning, project management, contract analytics, modeling, and resource assessment. We can identify the best product opportunities from hundreds of products you may have readily available to launch in the U.S. market.

We fit our menu of services to your unique set of needs. We can configure services to augment those of your internal resources and expertise, and external resources. Or we can serve as your full-service virtual department.

You get a customized set of services that can include:
  • Launch planning and project management
  • Contract and pricing analytics
  • Partner/resource assessment and coordination
  • Product label, packaging and insert artwork creation
  • Pharma Data Compendia and government new product reporting and submissions

product lifecycle management

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