Prescription Analytics We help pharmaceutical companies manage profitability through disciplined government pricing, rebate processing and commercial contract management. Ensure the success of your pharmaceutical company or product launch. Secure state and federal licenses. Have complete confidence that you are compliant and that all details related to your government and commercial contracts are managed to your advantage. See how we help.

Our team serves as a virtual analytics and support department.

Pharma executives, financial departments and sales teams find our experience, tools and processes invaluable. As a virtual analytics and support department, we focus all of our time and attention on helping clients have confidence in making key strategic and tactical decisions and removing the burden of handling the myriad of details clients need completed to be successful.

government contracts

Government contracts are key to a fully balanced commercialization strategy.

Half of all pharmaceutical utilization in the U.S. is paid for through state and federal programs. Prescription Analytics has the proven expertise to help establish contracts and disciplined, accurate and defensible handling of all your government pricing and rebate processing requirements for brand and generic pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure compliance and accurately accrue for rebate liability.

Find guidance on staying compliant and in tune with an ever-changing pharma landscape while meeting growth and profitability objectives.

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Find out how we can support your critical analytic, processing and financial functions.

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