State Licensing

Program Services

Prescription Analytics supports and manages the process of securing entity-appropriate state and territorial licenses driven by specific client objectives. Services include but are not limited to the following:

Create Tailored Implementation Plan
  • Documentation of current regulatory path including supporting datapoints
    • Undertake discovery with client designated employees, executives and existing or former vendors/business partners
    • Review present regulatory licensing status
    • Perform due diligence/research by state and/or territory via regulatory discovery
  • Detailed checklist of deliverables and timelines consistent with identified goals and objectives
  • Budget estimate for initial licensing and renewals as appropriate
Facilitate Master Licensing Questionnaire
  • Business entity information
  • Business owner, officer and partner information, disclosures and materials
  • Existing licensures, registrations, and certifications
  • Documentation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Vendor operational relationship information, licensures, and materials
Initial License Applications (state)
  • State licensing application forms and materials
  • Payment of submission fees
  • DEA and other federal licensures
  • Tracking and reporting
License Updates and Renewals
  • Ongoing licensing and regulatory research and tracking
    • Quarterly status check on client master information
    • Entity, individual or vendor changes
  • Prepare and submit renewal applications, updates and fees
Guidance and Facilitation Services
  • Secretary of State registration guidance
  • Agent, representative, bond, or additional vendor facilitation
  • Certified designated representative facilitation
  • Pharmaceutical licensing legal counsel facilitation
Ad Hoc Licensing Support Services
  • Ad hoc consulting and analytics
  • SOP development support

Let us be Your Guide

Can your team benefit from licensing guidance and support in the following areas?

  • Understanding which pharmaceutical licenses are required by federal, state and territorial regulatory bodies to sell products in the United States
  • Knowing where and how to submit varied pharma licensing applications
  • Having insight into how licensing submission windows and approval timelines may affect your launch plans
  • Knowing which changes in your business require licensing updates across various governmental entities
  • Monitoring the ever-changing licensing and regulatory landscape to ensure you’re in compliance

Let the experts at Prescription Analytics be your guide in making informed licensing decisions that support your growth, compliance and profitability objectives. We’ll help you navigate the process, mitigate the risk of costly mistakes, and ensure you secure licenses that support your business model and product mix. All the while, you will remain fully compliant with varied federal, state and territorial regulatory bodies.

For more information regarding our State Licensing service offerings, contact our team of experts today.

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