Commercial Operations Support

Program Services

Prescription Analytics serves as a virtual analytics department supporting market access initiatives, sales administration, contracting, product planning and rebate forecasting activities. Services include but are not limited to the following:

Pricing and Contracting Support
  • Maintain centralized database with rapid access to all contract pricing and terms
  • Perform due diligence and pre-deal financial analysis of contracting opportunities
  • Initial and ongoing price and contracting notifications to all internal and external stakeholders
  • Gross-to-net reporting by product, payer, and/or channel
  • Monitor formulary positioning and PDL status
  • Review and present GNUP or % of WAC offers for PDL Access
  • Perform insight mining to support product launch market assessment using client or client subscribed data
Partner / Resource Assessment and Coordination
  • Assess third-party partner requirements
  • 3PL analytics and evaluation
  • FDA SPL submissions
  • Collateral material design
  • Ongoing updates/modifications
Scenario Forecasting and Rebate Liability Impact Analysis
  • Forecast future Medicaid and Medicare rebate liability to support accrual and reserve processes
  • Identify net upside and additional rebate, URA and PHS liability relating to list price increases
  • Determine Best Price and other contracting decisions impact on government pricing
  • Assess the overall financial impact various contracting terms and rebate structures will have on government business
  • Forecast future non-government rebate, discount, and administrative fee liability to support accrual and reserve processes
Sales Reporting
  • Create detailed launch checklist
  • Create sales projections and forecasts
  • Ad hoc sales reporting by customer, channel and/or product
  • Track high-level profitability/sales growth and perform deep dives into territories, accounts, or products
Market Analytics
  • Aggregate market data to determine volume and share across market baskets
  • Analyze Managed Care claim data and generate dashboards showing category market share, formulary positioning
Supply Chain Management
  • Forecast demand planning for production/packaging teams
  • Create ex-factory/market demand forecasts and continually update to reflect new contracting events
  • Support inbound receiving and regulatory group in managing timely FDA release of imported product
  • Distribution strategy support and analysis
Procedure Development and Management
  • Establish contract lifecycle workflow and governance process from proposal request through execution of agreement.
  • Set guidelines for profitability and pricing based upon market conditions, committee involvement and approval process.
  • Domestic and international importing and FDA quarantine release
  • Outbound shipping and order allocation release
Gross-to-Net Computations
  • Document adjustments to gross revenues
  • Incorporate customer-specific fees and rebates
  • Accrue for other cost including returns, shipping and COGs as appropriate
Commercial Contract Management, Rebate and Discount Reconciliation Services
  • Develop and maintain policies and SOPs at program and contract levels as required
    • Commercial rebate and claim validation procedure
  • Create, accept, and store contract master profile data used for validation
  • Manage connectivity and data exchange web portals or receipt of data media as required
  • Data decryption and cleanup
  • Validate rebate amounts invoiced are correct based upon contracted business terms
  • Create client rebate reconciliation and payment report for approval/payment
Advanced Insights, Analytics and Reporting Services
  • Quarterly Business Review (QBR)
    • Macroeconomic environment
    • Regulatory updates
    • Government pricing and rebate liability analytics
    • Commercial contract re-cap including pricing and competitive analytics
  • Monthly Commercial Contract Reporting (CCR)
    • Analytics and reporting based upon client & subscription data access
    • Formulary analysis (percent of business each formulary type represents)
    • Account analysis (percent of business contribution at account level)
    • Sales/Utilization analysis (percent of enrollment)
    • Market share and competitive analysis
    • RX utilization analysis
  • Assessment of previously marketed NDA/ANDA acquisition targets for threats and opportunities
    • Provide a list of all data points required from the selling entity to complete a thorough analysis of historical data/trends and forecast future implications to Client commercial business, government business and financials (short-term and long-term)
    • Baseline AMP and inflation analytics to determine pricing ranges and penalty impacts if those ranges are exceeded
    • Provide contractual business term recommendations to Client legal team to safeguard the acquisition from undue financial liabilities and ensure accrued liabilities are accurately assigned to buyer and seller

Tools and Experts to Support Your Unique Needs

Our team of experts leverages a library of proprietary tools to support you in making data-driven, informed decisions in your commercial business. We tailor our tools to meet your unique business needs.

Available tools and offerings include:

  • Government Value Forecasting Models
  • Gross-to-Net Calculations (product and portfolio-level)
  • Commercial Rebate Tracking
  • Pre-deal Financial Analysis
  • Branded Prescription Drug Fee Forecasting
  • Master Contract and Price Database
  • Product Market Share Reports
  • Competitive Product Pricing Insights by Class of Trade

Advanced Executive Reporting & Insights

Prescription Analytics’ Quarterly Business Report (QBR) services provide clients key insights and impact analysis into key areas affecting a pharmaceutical manufacturer’s growth, compliance, and profitability objectives.

Macroeconomic Environment
  • Economic overview and trends impacting manufacturers
  • Demographic shifts
  • Medicaid Rebate volume trends (nationally and by state)
  • Class of Trade additions
  • Therapeutic class updates
Regulatory Updates
  • Rules and requirements
  • Proposed plan changes and potential impact to manufacturers
  • Government program changes
  • Benefits and beneficiaries
  • State price transparency reporting and updates
Threat & Opportunity Assessment
  • Assessment that highlights how macro trends, regulatory/compliance changes, and portfolio/product evolution may impact your growth, profitability and compliance objectives
  • Threats, opportunities and their potential impact are specific to your business
Pricing & Rebate Analytics
  • AMP and ASP variation analytics
  • Volume trends and utilization; including key states with notable growth or declines
  • Rebate liability forecasting
  • Market basket analysis
  • Contract changes and financial impact
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