Commercial Operations Support

Program Services

Prescription Analytics serves as a virtual analytics department supporting market access initiatives, sales administration, contracting, product planning and rebate forecasting activities. Services include but are not limited to the following:

Pricing and Contracting Support
  • Maintain centralized database with rapid access to all contract pricing and terms
  • Perform due diligence and pre-deal financial analysis of contracting opportunities
  • Initial and ongoing price and contracting notifications to all internal and external stakeholders
  • Gross-to-net reporting by product, payer, and/or channel
  • Monitor formulary positioning and PDL status
  • Review and present GNUP or % of WAC offers for PDL Access
  • Perform insight mining to support product launch market assessment using client or client subscribed data
Partner / Resource Assessment and Coordination
  • Assess third-party partner requirements
  • 3PL analytics and evaluation
  • FDA SPL submissions
  • Collateral material design
  • Ongoing updates/modifications
Scenario Forecasting and Rebate Liability Impact Analysis
  • Forecast future Medicaid and Medicare rebate liability to support accrual and reserve processes
  • Identify net upside and additional rebate, URA and PHS liability relating to list price increases
  • Determine Best Price and other contracting decisions impact on government pricing
  • Assess the overall financial impact various contracting terms and rebate structures will have on government business
  • Forecast future non-government rebate, discount, and administrative fee liability to support accrual and reserve processes
Sales Reporting
  • Create detailed launch checklist
  • Create sales projections and forecasts
  • Ad hoc sales reporting by customer, channel and/or product
  • Track high-level profitability/sales growth and perform deep dives into territories, accounts, or products
Market Analytics
  • Aggregate market data to determine volume and share across market baskets
  • Analyze Managed Care claim data and generate dashboards showing category market share, formulary positioning
Supply Chain Management
  • Forecast demand planning for production/packaging teams
  • Create ex-factory/market demand forecasts and continually update to reflect new contracting events
  • Support inbound receiving and regulatory group in managing timely FDA release of imported product
  • Distribution strategy support and analysis
Procedure Development and Management
  • Establish contract lifecycle workflow and governance process from proposal request through execution of agreement.
  • Set guidelines for profitability and pricing based upon market conditions, committee involvement and approval process.
  • Domestic and international importing and FDA quarantine release
  • Outbound shipping and order allocation release
Gross-to-Net Computations
  • Document adjustments to gross revenues
  • Incorporate customer-specific fees and rebates
  • Accrue for other cost including returns, shipping and COGs as appropriate
Commercial Contract Management, Rebate and Discount Reconciliation Services
  • Develop and maintain policies and SOPs at program and contract levels as required
    • Commercial rebate and claim validation procedure
  • Create, accept, and store contract master profile data used for validation
  • Manage connectivity and data exchange web portals or receipt of data media as required
  • Data decryption and cleanup
  • Validate rebate amounts invoiced are correct based upon contracted business terms
  • Create client rebate reconciliation and payment report for approval/payment
Advanced Insights, Analytics and Reporting Services
  • Quarterly Business Review (QBR)
    • Macroeconomic environment
    • Regulatory updates
    • Government pricing and rebate liability analytics
    • Commercial contract re-cap including pricing and competitive analytics
  • Monthly Commercial Contract Reporting (CCR)
    • Analytics and reporting based upon client & subscription data access
    • Formulary analysis (percent of business each formulary type represents)
    • Account analysis (percent of business contribution at account level)
    • Sales/Utilization analysis (percent of enrollment)
    • Market share and competitive analysis
    • RX utilization analysis

Tools and Experts to Support Your Unique Needs

Our team of experts leverages a library of proprietary tools to support you in making data-driven, informed decisions in your commercial business. We tailor our tools to meet your unique business needs.

Available tools and offerings include:

  • Government Value Forecasting Models
  • Gross-to-Net Calculations (product and portfolio-level)
  • Commercial Rebate Tracking
  • Pre-deal Financial Analysis
  • Branded Prescription Drug Fee Forecasting
  • Master Contract and Price Database
  • Product Market Share Reports
  • Competitive Product Pricing Insights by Class of Trade

Advanced Executive Reporting & Insights

Prescription Analytics’ Quarterly Business Report (QBR) services provide clients key insights and impact analysis into key areas affecting a pharmaceutical manufacturer’s growth, compliance, and profitability objectives.

Macroeconomic Environment
  • Economic overview and trends impacting manufacturers
  • Demographic shifts
  • Medicaid Rebate volume trends (nationally and by state)
  • Class of Trade additions
  • Therapeutic class updates
Regulatory Updates
  • Rules and requirements
  • Proposed plan changes and potential impact to manufacturers
  • Government program changes
  • Benefits and beneficiaries
  • State price transparency reporting and updates
Threat & Opportunity Assessment
  • Assessment that highlights how macro trends, regulatory/compliance changes, and portfolio/product evolution may impact your growth, profitability and compliance objectives
  • Threats, opportunities and their potential impact are specific to your business
Pricing & Rebate Analytics
  • AMP and ASP variation analytics
  • Volume trends and utilization; including key states with notable growth or declines
  • Rebate liability forecasting
  • Market basket analysis
  • Contract changes and financial impact
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