Love What You Do

We are passionate about making Prescription Analytics a world class organization through a commitment to our people and to our culture. Talented people – who show up every day loving what they do and the team they are a part of – is what enables us to work closely with client businesses as a true partner. They appreciate our transparency, our attention to detail and our responsiveness. They appreciate how much we care about their success. When you work here, you become an integral part of all that we do.

Please check back for open positions.

Work Where You Matter

Regardless of your job title, you matter. That’s how we operate. We ask the same three things of anyone wishing to join us:


Provide world class customer service

Employees at Prescription Analytics must manage difficult or emotional customer situations. They set proper expectations and meet or exceed their commitments. They respond promptly to customer needs both internally and externally.


Have a strong commitment to the team

Employees at Prescription Analytics must balance their individual responsibilities with those of the team and put the success of the team first. They need to contribute to a positive team spirit. They must never feel that something is “not their job” or “not their responsibility”.


Take pride in the quality of your work

Employees at Prescription Analytics must love what they do and where they spend 70% of their waking hours. They need to own the quality of the work that our organization puts out. It needs to be world class. All of our names are on it. We need to ensure that our work output is the best it can absolutely be. If there are mistakes, we need to seek to understand why and commit to improving ourselves or our process, so they are not made again.

Patrick Patton Prescription Analytics

Do you see yourself fitting in so far?

“You like to be challenged. You like to work hard. You like that your opinion is valued. You want to work in a place where you enjoy coming every day because you are surrounded by talented and driven people. You enjoy celebrating successes earned through collaboration and hard work. Even if we don’t currently have an open position, we hope you tell us all about your skills and interests.”

– Patrick Patton, President, Prescription Analytics

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