Prescription Analytics serves emerging and established pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers, offering both brand and generic products in the United States. We are committed our clients’ success in government and commercial programs that best align with their growth, compliance, and profitability objectives. Our expertise extends to addressing key areas of importance across the following domains:



Commercial Operations Support

Government Pricing & Rebate Processing

State Price Transparency Reporting

Chargeback Processing

Ad Hoc Analytics, Forecasting & Support Services

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Dynamic, Consultative Support For Pharma Manufacturers

Regulatory and compliance requirements for pharma manufacturers constantly evolve at state and federal levels. Our team of experts meticulously studies shifting requirements to ensure clients understand how their businesses will be affected.

Blogs and white papers within our Resource Center cover common consultative topics such as best practices, critical considerations for large-impact decisions, and the latest regulatory changes affecting pharma manufacturers.

Update – Inflation Reduction Act Rebate Provisions for Pharma Manufacturers
2023 Drug Wastage Rule to Impact Pharma Manufacturers
CMS Enforcement for ASP in Medicare Part B
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