Is Prescription Analytics right for your company?

Although government pricing, rebate reconciliation and payments have always been our core services, during the past decade we have been able to leverage the skill set and experience of our continually growing team of professionals and have evolved a robust menu of services to support a broad spectrum of client needs. If you haven’t seen our Summary of Services, find them here:

If you already have a handle on the services we provide and are trying to determine if the way we do business is a fit for your business, here are just a few of the common reasons clients come to us. If any of them sound familiar to you, it’s likely we can help.


I want to avoid making costly mistakes and burning out our people.

Do you have people on staff completely committed to managing the many complexities associated with supporting your selling and financial teams, government pricing, price reporting, rebate reconciliations and payments – without negatively affecting their primary responsibilities or work and life balance? If you aren’t confident your infrastructure is set up for managing complex processes and ever-changing rules, we might be a fit.

Our broad base of services is oriented as a menu which empowers clients and us to get creative and customize the specific service components you as a client can leverage. Prescription Analytics can be your complete outsourced solution provider, serving as a plug-and play virtual analytics and support department. Conversely, like working on a jig saw puzzle, we can fill in the missing pieces, integrating with a client’s existing resources.


My supplier not only has to add value but also show me where and how they are doing it.

A lack of transparency and inability to understand processes at a granular level are key drivers of skepticism in any business process. Would it help if you had full documentation of our processes? Full visibility into computations? A fully compliant set of standard operating procedures customized to your unique business model or commercialization plan? You get all of that – plus the guidance to ensure you understand it all – when you work with us.


We want stability in the people assigned to support us and direct access to key decision makers.

The people who represent our leadership team regularly work in the trenches on client business. Each is actively involved and always available. While other companies pursue growth through a Mergers & Acquisition strategy, we prefer organic growth. Our vision has always been to provide game-changing service to a manageable group of businesses interested in long-term relationships and working in partnership.

To us, long-term relationships are the key to our success and that of our clients. Playing the long game ensures our analysts and leadership team fully understand the unique approach every client applies to managing their business and building their organizational culture. This enables us to develop a sixth sense about the meaning of trends or variation in numbers, then counsel our clients on how to best leverage opportunities and deal with threats.

Interested in knowing more?

If you have questions or would like to know more about how we can partner, let’s set up a time to talk.