System-based calculations miss crucial details in government price reporting.

When you have complete visibility into the process driving your government pricing computations, you have control. You gain certainty and confidence knowing your monthly and quarterly calculations have been scrutinized to flag vital detail that can be overlooked by system-based calculations.

Truthfully, the real work in achieving reliable and accurate government pricing computations takes place in preparing the data before the required formulaic processes can begin. We believe this requires a human touch. From somebody who is deeply experienced in evaluating pharmaceutical sales data. We have been pulled into countless audits and taken on new clients where a significant part of failed pricing computations was the result of poorly configured and dirty data.

With system-based calculations, there’s a natural tendency to take the number coming out of the machine as gospel. At best, you have a limited understanding of the underlying data and the powerful insights it can reveal. At worst, the calculation is inaccurate without you or your team knowing. Essentially, you and your analysts are in the dark.

We encourage taking a pragmatic approach to GP calculations. Work with a fully compliant SOP customized to the unique dynamics of your business. Dive in, dissect, isolate what’s relevant, evaluate and clean the underlying data that drives your computations. Apply the required mathematics to achieve accurate, repeatable and compliant government pricing values. It is critical that you are able to drill into the granularity of every step of the process.

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