Market Access, Contract and Pricing Strategy Support

How you can manage the complex processes for market access and contract and pricing strategy.

Put an experienced team in place that incorporates expert internal resources, a third-party partner or a combination of both to support the selling team. Contract financial terms can become quite complex. Pricing and terms must be carefully evaluated and modeled so that there is a full understanding of the impact of pricing on other commercial and governmental contracts.

When negotiating the terms of a new contractual relationship without a holistic view of all contracts, detailed modeling and disciplined adherence to sound standard operating procedures (SOPs), it is possible the relationship could result in incremental losses. Make sure you incorporate a careful review of contract terms and the resultant proposed pricing schemes of any contract. Brand companies in particular face enormous pressure to provide huge incentives to push down the prices required to support the amortized development costs and desired margins of innovator products.

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How Prescription Analytics supports client market access and financial teams.

Our clients view us as a virtual department that works with their market access and financial teams to support market access initiatives, sales administration, contracting, product planning and rebate forecasting activities.

Sometimes we are fully integrated with a client’s people and resources. Other times, clients outsource completely to us. As part of the contracting and implementation process, we work with you to carefully define needs, service requirements and accountabilities.

Our comprehensive and sophisticated toolset supports development of pricing SOPs, evaluation of business terms and pricing of contracts and assessment of specific proposed relationships against the impact they may have on both the commercial and government program contracts already in place or anticipated. Our pharmaceutical brand clients, a mix of publicly traded and privately held organizations, see our analysts as valuable partners.

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