State and Federal Price Reporting and Financial Disclosures

Mandatory pharmaceutical price and financial disclosure laws and prescription drug costs – an overview.

Many states have moved to enact mandatory pharmaceutical price and/or financial disclosure laws that are intended to increase price transparency to address concerns about prescription drug costs. These laws are intended to lead to increased pharmaceutical market competition. Ultimately, federal and state regulators view these requirements as an initial step in controlling the cost of pharmaceuticals.

As of early 2020, 19 states have specific regulations that require varying degrees of price reporting or financial disclosure requirements. There are also 19 states considering additional transparency legislation. No two states are alike, and there is a wide variety of mandated notification rule sets. States have already started to be aggressive in levying fines for non-compliance, increasing the importance of staying on top of diverse state requirements. Learn more by reading our latest white paper.

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How Prescription Analytics supports you.

We partner to ensure a solid communication channel regarding decisions related to pricing. We can model the impact price increases may have on your base of commercial and government contracts as well as how price and financial disclosure rules may impact adjustments. The same applies to new product launches to evaluate the necessity for reporting initial pricing as well. We monitor a variety of sources to stay on top of changes to existing regulations and those emerging at both the state and federal level.

Related services we provide:

  • Track state, territorial and federal price reporting requirements
  • Integrate with the client’s product pricing team
  • Provide required impact analytics related to contemplated pricing and price adjustments
  • Prepare and submit required notifications to state, territorial and federal regulatory authorities

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