Sales Operations Support Services

Support your sales and finance teams as they attempt to balance growth with profitability in a complex and dynamic space while simultaneously maintaining operations continuity.

How can you support the complex process of implementing a commercialization plan? Have an experienced team in place that incorporates expert internal resources, a third-party partner or a combination of both to support the selling and finance teams.

There are myriad details to be managed to successfully manage the generic pharmaceutical space. You want your entire team synchronized. Contract financial terms can become quite complex and it is critical that pricing and terms are carefully evaluated and modeled so there is a full understanding of the impact of the pricing on other contracts both commercial and governmental.

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Establish sound pricing standard operating procedures (SOPs).

It is quite possible to end up losing money on every sale without comprehensive SOPs and the discipline to follow them. Incorporate a careful review of contract terms and proposed prices for any contract as well as a full understanding of the actual cost of the product itself into your SOPs.

Because of the competitive nature of the generic space, companies are oftentimes dealing with margins measured down to the penny. Getting every component of the pricing process fully vetted is critical to a company’s ability to survive and thrive.

Prefer to have help? Here’s how we can support your sales and financial teams.

For more than a decade, we’ve managed the complexities underlying sales team support and the diverse and intricate contracts often required to achieve profitability and growth objectives. Think of us as your virtual department that works with both your sales and financial teams.

Our involvement typically ranges from completely taking over the support services role to fully integrating with your internal resources. As part of the contracting and implementation process, we carefully define needs, service requirements and accountabilities.

We offer a comprehensive, sophisticated toolset for:

Development of pricing SOPs


Evaluation of business terms and pricing of contracts


Assessment of specific proposed relationships against the impact they may have on both the commercial and government program contracts already in place or anticipated

Our clients regard our analysts as experienced and indispensable. Key members of their team.

Specific services for your sales and financial teams.

We serve as a virtual analytics department supporting selling initiatives, sales administration, contracting, product planning and rebate forecasting activities.

Services include but are not limited to the following:

Pricing and Contracting Support


Sales Reporting


Market Analytics


Supply Chain Management


Procedure Development and Management


Scenario Forecasting and Rebate Liability Impact Analysis

Our clients regard our analysts as experienced and indispensable. Key members of their team.

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